The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns in London to Inspire You!

Some of the best digital marketing campaigns in London to spark creativity, inspiration, and results!

A digital marketing campaign that stands out from the clutter, that makes people stop what they are doing and take a second look, is one to be admired. We’re in one of the most influential cities in the world – did you know that in one 45 minute commute a Londoner is exposed to over 130 adverts? Your job, as a business owner, is to get your brand noticed among some of the best digital marketing campaigns in the capital. The most successful campaigns are clever, extraordinary and offer something totally different to the competition.

Here’s a selection of the best digital marketing campaigns in London:

1) Giant Polar Bear – Sky Atlantic Stunt

Giant polar bear in one of the best digital marketing campaigns

“That’s something you don’t see everyday!” – Sky Atlantic set loose a giant 8ft fully-animated polar bear in the streets of London to promote a new ‘arctic’ crime drama. It’s unexpected. It’s outrageous. It’s marketing genius. The polar bear was seen roaming around some of London’s most famous landmarks and underground tube stations. I don’t know about you, but if I was confronted by a giant bear in the street, I would be shocked. It was built with hidden cameras inside so that performers could capture reactions of the public.

2) Birds Eye Frozen Money Campaign

Fish billboard in one of the best digital marketing campaigns

Bird’s Eye pulled one of the best digital marketing campaigns in London. In an effort to encourage people to use their freezers and not waste food, this stunning billboard was formed using real money. As far as PR stunts go, this is up there with one of the most influential. It was made up of £700 which represented the average amount of money a family wastes on food every year. Londoner’s were able to collect money from the billboard as it melted.

3) IMAX’s Ant Sized Ticket Campaign

Ant Man tickets pictured in London

London was swarming with Marvel fans hoping to find hidden tickets to see Ant Man in the capital. These teensy tickets measured only 5 x 11 millimetres, but they could be traded in to see the highly anticipated Ant Man at the IMAX cinema. London detectives looked for clues on the IMAX Twitter page who shared regular updates – what a great way to increase engagement!

4) Protein World’s ‘Are You Beach Ready?’ Campaign

digital marketing campaign billboard for weight loss

Protein World believed that any PR was good so long as it got people talking. This controversial weight loss campaign certainly raised a few eyebrows and sparked mixed reactions from the public. The advertisement features a woman with a slim waist in a yellow bikini pictured next to the words ‘are you beach ready?’ Of course, the ad didn’t retain its place in London long before it was deemed “offensive” as the term “beach body should not be defined to one body type.”

5) TalkTalk Marketing Campaign

emoji person in one of the best digital marketing campaigns

Emojis, they are everywhere. These colourful pops of colour add humour, entertainment and value to online communications. We even see movies created around the established emoji. Love, or loathe them – you certainly can’t deny their significance to modern-day digital marketing. TalkTalk saw the popularity of emojis as an opportunity to promote their microsite.  The campaign saw emoji people strolling the streets of London – all with (you guessed it) different emotions.

Their marketing campaign allowed people to take photos with the emoji people and upload them to social media. People who followed TalkTalk on social media were encouraged to visit their microsite where they could test their emoji knowledge.

The best digital marketing campaigns from our London SEO agency!

We simply can’t get enough of the fantastic city of London. There are many different perks of setting up a business in the capital. Perhaps one of the most influential is the marketing potential. As a professional digital marketing agency, we have a history of creating compelling digital marketing campaigns that engage, inspire and convert into maximum sales. It’s a passion of ours, and we love sharing new ideas.

We help brands get found online with a combination of SEO, social media, creative design and influencer marketing. Looking to generate publicity for an upcoming campaign? Perhaps you’re targeting a new customer base? Whatever the goal, our London SEO agency can help you get there. Speak to our friendly team today on 020 3105 0804 for professional advice.

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