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Free SEO Audit Tool

What You Can Expect From Us

Our SEO audit tool is fast and completely free to use – get your results!

The best free SEO audit tool

Our SEO audit tool checks your site for anything that could be preventing you from ranking for your focus keyword. Your results are grouped into categories, including good signals, issues found and page grade. Correcting any errors and working towards a fully-optimised website is essential to online success. In addition to this, our free SEO audit tool checks issues like spelling, heading tags and site structure.

Optimise the performance of your pages

Search engines prefer websites that have fast website pages. With Google’s new Mobile First Indexing rolling out, your pages are expected to load at lightning speed to ensure you please both search engines and site visitors. Find the slower loading pages and optimise them for higher rankings. Our free SEO audit tool will help you improve the speed of your pages with simple, easy to achieve instructions.

Create social media sharing options

SEO and social media go hand in hand. You should aim to encourage people to engage with your brand where it matters most – online! Running your website through the SEO audit tool will give you a detailed social analysis. Do your pages and posts include social media sharing buttons giving users the opportunity to distribute content online? No..? The SEO audit tool will give you suggestions.

Analysis of mobile optimisation

Approximately 60% of online searches are carried out on a mobile device. What’s more, Google will rank a mobile responsive website higher in the search results. It’s important that your website offers the same great experience on a desktop, tablet and mobile device. Google has always placed importance on mobile functionality. The mobile-first index has made this especially important as without a responsive website your site could drop off the rankings.

Our free SEO audit helps your business remove errors and rank better!

We know what it takes to rank a business in the search engines results. It takes practice and a whole lot of patience. Making changes to your site won’t boost your rankings overnight. It can take months before you start to see results. Our free SEO audit is just the start. At London SEO agency, we can help you implement them to ensure you get the best results possible. We’ll monitor your Google rankings and send you monthly progress reports.

If you have questions about your online presence or would like to discuss your results, contact our friendly team on 020 3105 0804.