Gated content: SEO fail or SEO success?

When it comes to promoting your business online, content marketing isn’t a new concept. A great way to generate leads and to create a buzz around your brand, quality content provides businesses with the ability to offer valuable information to their site visitors. But how should you go about your content marketing strategy? And what is gated content?

As marketers, we’ve all been there. You create a great piece of content that you know will provide great value to your site visitors, but how do you present it to them? Should you give it away for free, or request their personal information in exchange? Many SEO professionals use gated content to attract potential customers, and then use their information to contact potential leads.

So, what is gated content?

Simply put, gated content is content that is hidden on your main site, and usually requires a user to complete a form or input their details in order to gain access.

Marketers who are invested in generating leads or outreach opportunities, along with those looking to target prospects who have already shown interest in your products or services, are more likely to utilise gated content.

In order for inbound marketing to be effective, businesses have to create high-value content, and then use this to encourage site visitors to take action. However, hiding content behind a subscription wall, or gating content, is a highly debated topic within the digital world.

What are the different types of gated content?

Specific types of content will work better behind a gate than others. Typically, the best way to approach a gated content strategy is to consider the objectives of your content. Are you looking to generate new leads or boost audience reach? Perhaps you want to increase traffic or promote brand awareness? When creating new content for your website, it’s crucial to understand the value that it will provide for the audience you’re targeting. The worst thing you can do is to gate content that’s low quality or lacking in useful information, meaning best types of content to place behind a registration wall are those that provide your readers with specific, in-depth knowledge. Here are our suggestions on the best types of gated content:

Content Upgrades – A content upgrade is simply bonus information that elaborates further on a piece the customer is already interested in. This content can be in the form of a video, infographic or simply more written text. It’s a great tactic to gain customer information as, not only is the content is highly valuable, but it’s also in context with your page’s content, so you know your audience are already interested. Simply put, creating strategic content upgrades gives your visitors even more value.

White Papers and eBooks – Usually used to position a business as an authoritative, industry leader, eBooks and White Papers give businesses the opportunity to create highly relevant and useful content that can enhance credibility and attract highly qualified leads.

Webinars – An increasingly demanded version of gated content, webinars have proved hugely popular over the past couple of years. Used mainly to educate and inform, webinars allow experts, industry insiders and businesses to live stream talks while answering real-time viewer questions. Webinars are extremely valuable and are a perfect example of how gated content can be effective in helping you to improve your contact list.

What are the disadvantages of gated content?

If your entire content marketing strategy is geared towards improving your rankings, then gated content can be fatal to your business. Why? Because gated content has no SEO value. This is because content that is gated is hidden to your standard site visitor, causing a digital barrier between the post and your viewer. However, this barrier is also there with regards to search engines.

Basically, if there’s no direct way that search engines can view your content or get past the form (as your human site visitors can) then this content can’t be indexed or ranked. Essentially, gated content can hinder your SEO efforts, as search robots can’t fill out your forms.

However, there is a simple way around this. By previewing or showing a short snipper of your gated content, you can still drive traffic to your page, but this will only show a certain part of your content, so you eont reap the SEO benefits that come with long-form content.

Top Tips for creating a winning marketing gate:

If you do choose to go ahead and gate your site’s content, consider these tips:

  • Simplify your forms: Even if your content is amazing, nobody wants to spend 10 minutes filling out a form. Make sure that your forms are as quick and easy to fill out as possible while still capturing the right information.
  • Include social logins: Social logins, that is allowing your customers to login or sign-up to your site are a fast and easy way for your users to access your content.
  • Use auto-fill: If you have repeat customers, instead of making them fill out a lengthy form again, include auto-fill options, or progressive profiling to capture their data.
  • Only gate your highest value content: 

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