Google Business Reviews: Get Ahead Of Your Competitors

Customers know best. Getting great Google business reviews from other people who know your business can position you well.

As businesses know full well, getting great reviews and feedback is one of things that drive a company. Knowing you’re doing a great job at something motivates you to do even better, right? Here’s where Google business reviews come into the mix. A handful of amazingly positive reviews really puts you ahead of your competitors, and potential customers are more likely to choose a company with great reviews under their belt.

Reviews come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s having a conversation in the street, sharing your experience on social media or rating your visit on sites like TripAdvisor, they all give your peers an image of what to expect from a business. However, Google business reviews are what you need. Google enables your reviews to be combined together and presented in the form of a star rating system in Google search results. Pretty nifty!

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Why should you encourage people to leave reviews?

Well, firstly, people choose positive over negative. Grabbing those Google business reviews shows new potential customers that you’re reliable, trustworthy and that you offer services that everyone rants and raves about. Reviews work well alongside many other online marketing strategies. Having the right strategy will work exceptionally for any business.

If you carry out an online search with Google, sites with 5-star reviews are going to look more attractive to a customer than a site with no reviews at all. The same goes for reviews with a lower rating; 5 stars will win every time! Especially when a price of a product is the same across different sites. This star rating is a huge indicator of just why Google reviews can be so precious across the web; they can significantly increase your click-through rate.

Your website’s product pages should also include your reviews from Google shopping. These reviews can include a star rating and comments about a product, often answering common questions a shopper may have. These can increase your conversion rates as you’re giving potential buyers more information and more of a reason to make a purchase from you.

Types of Google business reviews.

Different reviews are plastered across the web from different locations and sites. Google cleverly combines these by reading this content and displaying the results in the form of a star rating in search results. The results are then shown to searchers looking for similar sites. They can then make their own mind up about how reliable a site is and if they want to go through with that click or search for another.

Google Local Listings.

When a customer searches with the intention of finding a specific business online, they’ll see a local map. This map will provide the user with the location of a specific business, as well as listing other similar businesses in that area. As you can imagine, local listings are very beneficial for a number of reasons. When you get a Google My Business account, you’ll automatically be able to create and see your listing. It will also give your business and site more relevancy in your particular area.

Google Shopping.

Advertising on Google is probably one of the most beneficial ways to get your individual products noticed. Better still, if your products were seen with a star rating underneath, it would encourage more purchases and clicks through to your site if they were highly rated. Google grabs ratings from other reviewing sites to bring this up when someone is looking for your products.

Google Adwords.

Ads on Google can be very beneficial. With Adwords, you can position yourself above your competitors and even become the first search result anyone sees when they run a search. The stars you see here are Google’s seller ratings and are gathered from Google’s official partners

How do you respond to a Google review?

When people write a review on Google, it’s good of the business to respond. Whether a review is good or bad, it’s nice for a business to thank a customer for a review or to assist in any issues or complaints. It shows your human side and can even encourage any future sales. There are some things to bear in mind however when writing that response.

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  • Keep it short and to the point: Your responses should be clear, concise and answer any questions directly.
  • Be thankful, but don’t over do it: It’s not essential to respond to every review you’ve ever received, but when you do, be appreciative of their custom and comments.
  • Don’t be overly promotional: Keep in mind that the people who leave reviews are already your customers. There’s no need to be overly promotional or to give them unnecessary links to where they can buy more products. Don’t push it.

Get ahead with Google business reviews with our London SEO agency.

When it comes to gaining a name for yourself and your business, we know how important it can be for a business to get as many positive, highly rated reviews as possible. It gives people more of a reason to click through to your site, and it shows people the reliability and quality of your services or products.

If a customer is happy, they’ll write a review. They may need a nudge after they’ve had time to test out their purchase, but a follow up email after a few weeks after is acceptable. Not just on Google but across the internet. We can guide you in the right direction and give you credible advice to build up your Google business reviews.

If you need more information about the services we offer or you have any questions about growing your Google business reviews, get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team today. Give us a call on 020 3105 0804 or send us an email to We look forward to receiving your enquiry!

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