Lead generation: how to generate business leads to improve your brand

Is your company’s financial health declining? Not getting enough sales? Let us help you with your lead generation.

When it comes to online marketing, finding people to sell to is half the battle. Generating leads and acquiring customers is the best way to business success. It’s simple, really – those with the most leads win as leads means revenue, and revenue means profit!

After all, even if you have the best services or products in the world, your business will fail if no one knows about them, it really is that obvious. So, if you’ve exhausted your marketing methods but you’re still not getting the business you need to grow your brand, your lead generation efforts could do with a bit of help.

Looking for more prospects? Here’s how to connect with them:

So, what is lead generation and how I use it to help my business?

Let’s start with the basics. A lead is a person who has shown some degree of interest in your products, services or business in general. In other words, instead of receiving an email from a company who has found your information elsewhere, you would only receive email communications from businesses you’ve already interacted with. This could be through an online survey, signing up for newsletters or showing an interest in a product or service.

Lead generation is simply the process of attracting and engaging with prospects and converting them into these leads. Great lead generation tactics use unique ways to attract leads, drawing them in and, eventually, converting these leads into customers.

These prospects that are showing an interest in your business are doing so through organic methods, whether that’s through content or contact forms, competitions or newsletters. It’s all about customers initiating a relationship with your business, rather than it being the other way around, ultimately making is easier for them to buy from you in the future.


While it seems obvious, having a great blog is a really simple way to generate leads. We know that by creating valuable content your audience finds useful and informative, they’re more likely to share it. There’s much more to blogging than simply telling your followers about your company news and events. Instead, when utilised properly, it’s the perfect tool to show people a behind the scenes view of your business, improve your SEO and establish your brand as the market leader.

We suggest using your blog as a way of capturing your customers’ information. An easy way to collect leads is to not only provide value when it comes to creating content. Instead, why not go even further by offering visitors a free report or in-depth guide, and then present it as a free download by making users input their email details. By providing value to your audience, you can help to position yourself as knowledgeable within your industry.

Blogging: Lead Generation Tips

Social Media

Anyone not using social media as a tool to generate new leads for their business is missing a trick. When used correctly, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook offer cost-effective way to generate real leads for your business. Lead generation is all about bringing people into your sales funnel and social media offers businesses a way to focus on the right customers for your business. From running contests and competitions

Similarly, social media adverts give businesses the opportunity to advertise their business to the right people at the right time for relatively low cost. Social media advertising takes targeting to a new level. Platforms allow brands to target potential customers depending on browsing habits, demographics and a number of other factors. This means that, when customers do interact with your brand and its ads, they’re more likely to buy from you.

Business Directories

Normally a tactic used when building links, business directories also give businesses more exposure online. Sites such as Bark even go as far as to match those looking for services like yours with your business. Most directories tend to group businesses by services and offerings. This means that you’ll obtain leads from those who are actually interested in your brand, also called warm leads. Warm leads are further down the sales funnel, meaning they’re more likely to purchase from you. Similarly, since most directories also include reviews, your customers can see what your previous clients are saying about your business. This gives you the option to further improve conversions by asking your trusted clients to write great, honest reviews about your company.


Referral campaigns can be a great way to engage your followers and both existing and potential clients. Every good marketer knows that buyers place trusted recommendations highly when deciding whether or not to work with or purchase from a company.  Create compelling offers that will benefit both the referrer and the referee – it might be just what your customers need to make that final step.


One of the hardest aspects of marketing, and probably the most common frustration for anyone in business is getting that business seen by the right audience. So many of us have a huge network of people online, but don’t know how to utilise them. Platforms such as LinkedIn give the unique opportunity to connect with both prospective clients and those within your industry

Attending business networking events is a great way to meet like-minded professionals who may even be interested in your products or services. Similarly, business events offer unique opportunities to partner up with other companies who offer similar services. Essentially, you can fill in the gaps of each other’s businesses, referring clients whose needs you may not be able to meet alone.

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