SEO Audit Checklist: Why Does My Website Need An SEO Audit?

Have you ever wondered why you need an SEO audit? It will provide valuable insights for higher rankings and increased online sales!

When we hear the words “SEO” and “Audit” our minds immediately picture an elaborate technical report with an endless list of problems you can’t fix. But, don’t panic! If done correctly, SEO audits can be incredibly helpful. Our SEO audit empowers businesses with real, actionable insights. It will tell you what’s working on your current website, how you are falling short, and what can be done to improve your rankings and generate more leads.

So how do they fit into your strategy and what is the best SEO audit?

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We have a simple SEO audit tool available right here. It takes seconds to generate recommendations for your business. All you need to do is enter your website, focus keyword and email address. We’ll contact you with the results alongside complete instructions on how to put them into action. What’s more, you won’t find any complicated coding or industry buzzwords in your report. It’s simple; so simple that you can follow up on all recommendations yourself.

  • Overall on-page analysis
  • Backlink profiles (who is linking to your website)
  • Site speed optimisation
  • Content strategy

Why do I need an SEO Audit?

There are many reasons your business needs an SEO audit. But, let’s start with the basics! Here we have listed some of the most critical reasons to take an SEO audit today:

1) Google algorithms change all the time

An SEO audit is like going to the doctors. You know there are things you should be doing to improve your health (the health of your site), but you are falling short on knowledge. Like a doctor, an SEO audit will give you the answers you have been searching for. What’s more, you don’t need to keep up with the latest Google algorithm updates.

Google’s algorithm changes all the time which can be incredibly frustrating. This is done to provide the most relevant results. To come out on top, you need to please search engines like Google. By running an SEO audit, your business can stay up to date with the latest changes without having to spend time doing research. With everything else a business owner has to manage: how can you possibly remember to check every time Google makes an update? (If you can, impressive!) By running regular website audits, you ensure your website is following the best practices.

2) SEO audits save valuable time

Some people consider it essential to do all the research. Why should you trust an SEO audit tool you found online? Because our SEO audit tool is a based on the latest Google updates. We only use the best SEO tools and test everything ourselves. As a free SEO audit tool, you’ve got nothing to lose. You can even check your findings with a professional digital marketing expert if you’d like. Training an in-house team of markets to run a test of your website and pick out faults will help in the long term, but an SEO audit really should be done by someone outside your organisation. Most likely, you’ll uncover insights you have not considered until now.

3) They give you the facts without paying for them!

Are you paying for SEO services and not seeing a return on investment? How can you be sure your chosen digital agency is doing everything possible to help your business? We feel your pain. At our London SEO agency, we offer actionable advice to businesses without charging a fortune. Our SEO audit is a great place to start. People spend valuable time, money and resources looking for the answers. Now, you have them all at your fingertips without having to pay a penny. If you have questions about your SEO audit results, we’d be happy to have a conversation.

Got questions about our SEO audit? Get in touch!

This brings us on to our final step of the SEO audit process: online strategy. We hundreds of calls and messages every week asking for advice about search engine optimisation. Having completed an SEO audit, it’s time to adapt your pre-existing online strategy. You need to set aside time to make changes, and often require a little professional advice. We can help you prioritise actions, set KPIs and get results for your business.

If you are looking for someone to make those changes for you, London SEO is the agency for you. We’re an award-winning SEO agency with a proven record of top rankings for our clients across the country. Start seeing the same results for your business and come out above your competitors. Give our friendly team a call on 020 3105 0804 today!

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