SEO Mistakes: Easy Fixes to Turn Common Wrongs into Rights!

Looking for a guide to help rectify some of the most common SEO mistakes? You’ve come to the right page.

So, you’ve done your research and created your website, uploaded your text and are now sat waiting for the hits to roll in. Where is your audience and why haven’t they found you? Don’t panic – you’re not alone. Luckily for you, we’re here to help with easy fixes to common SEO mistakes to help your business soar into the rankings and get your audience clicking.

1. Using the Wrong Keywords

It’s number one on our list for a reason. After spilling out all your passion and knowledge in a few hundred words, hoping to share your enthusiasm with your audience, it’s easy to forget that they don’t know the in’s and out’s like you do. As a result, you’re left with confusion about the many technical words that you thought were so crucial, but aren’t in fact the ones people are using trying to search for you.

Fix it: Stage one of content creation requires keyword research. Although it may seem tedious at first as you think you know the words that your audience are interested in, you may just be surprised. You want people to find you organically from the most current popular searches. Once you figure these out keep checking their relevance as things that spark interest leading to searches are accustomed to change.

2. BUT…Don’t go overboard on your Keywords

While finding the right keywords is crucial to increasing traffic, using them too often puts you in danger of cancelling out all the good work you’ve done, by search engines recognising the duplications as too frequent and intentionally motivated to generate SEO traffic.

Fix it: Know where your keywords are most effective, dont stick them in where they’re not relevant. Does your sentence make sense without it but could do with it elsewhere? Limiting your keyword usage directs your audience to a more specific area and allows the search engine to recognise it’s credibility.

3. Outdated Content

Think of your content as if it were a plant. After buying and planting it, you continue to feed and water it ensuring its growth, development and change. This is similar to how you should view your content in order to avoid another potential SEO error. Your audience isn’t static and neither should your content be – it should change and adapt, particularly with the ever developing influence of social media. Although it’s tempting to sit back and let your original piece of writing do all the work, this discourages search engines from crawling and indexing your site, reducing your traffic.

Fix it: Add fresh new content regularly to create more crawling and indexing from search engines. Make sure you’re constantly engaging with relevant aims of the site and remember its purpose.

4. Not Speaking your Audiences/Customer’s Vocabulary

Your customer most likely doesn’t speak the industry lingo that you’re fluent in. By overcomplicating your content description, your audience may be intimidated by their apparent lack of understanding against your qualified knowledge and you might scare them off. This isn’t to say don’t use the jargon specific to your field as it’s still very important – just try and tone it down so us mere mortals can keep up.

Fix it: Put down your thesaurus and go back to basics. Most of the time your initial and most simple definition of a term is the most effective and therefore most searched. For example ‘Bikini’ as a category may be the most commonly used term that is being searched for, however this is far too broad and would be very hard to rank for. So try to describe it specifically, e.g ‘High Waisted Bikini’ – still a broad field to rank for, but easier to manage through its simple, more particular, description.

5. Not using the Free Tools Available

Many of the greatest SEO sources that can help eliminate many other mistakes stem from the free tools available online, yes that’s right – free! These tools are solely created to help optimise your business’s website if used relevantly, or if at all. Make sure you log in though – although some sites do not require this, nor have it as an option, some do and by logging in this will help release a full list of suggestions on sites such as Google Trends, for example.

Fix it: Use them! Do your research on tools which are relevant to what will aid your stage of business and will continue to let you explore your rankings throughout. Certain audit tools allow you to view your rankings and provide detailed analysis aimed at helping to optimise your web page ranking. A great version of this is our free SEO audit tool, why not try it for results in just 15 seconds!

6. Too much internal linking – only link to relevant things and pages

I know what you’re thinking, more internal links equal more traffic to different pages on the site right? Not necessarily, as this can also equal a minor SEO mistake. This is because your link juice becomes diluted and only a little bit of it goes to each page instead of a more concentrated amount going directing it to the pages naturally.

Fix it: Make sure you identify the key links related to the specific topic or post that you’re referring to. Don’t try and shove a link in anywhere, crossing your fingers and toes, hoping that someone will click on it and find the linking page just as interesting as the last. They probably won’t. Outline which of your pages link together and provide a good direct link in order not to confuse your customer and keep your them using internal links naturally.

Summary of our common SEO Mistakes

So there it is – a condensed list of what we think are the most common SEO mistakes that, with a bit of TLC and reference to our ‘Fix it’ info, can help navigate your business to the top of the rankings.

If, after using all of the above to make the relevant little tweaks and you still think you could do with an added bit of extra help, then do not hesitate to contact us either by email or phone on 020 3105 0804 where a member of our specialised team will be happy to talk to you about helping get your business’s SEO move from strength to strength.

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